Programs & Events

We also provide group experiences in the form of support groups, group programs, workshops, and retreats, live and virtual.

These provide a new relationship and life perspective and insights, concepts, tools and skills to create the relationship and life you desire and to address specific concerns as needed. The Events are interactive (safe and optional sharing of personal, not private information), supportive, experiential, and hands-on packed with content, processes and exercises for a transformative and rich experience.

After experiencing a shift and armed with a new framework and implementation and accountability plans, you’ll be able to operate from a different approach finding alternate solutions to break impasses. You’ll be able to create the changes you’ve been meaning to make and be able move forward in your Journey!

You will love attending our Events as they also provide built-in:


Realize you are not alone in your situation


Expand your support system and network with other like-minded peers


Experience unconditional understanding, acceptance, compassion, and caring

Self Care & Relationship Enrichment

Tend to your and your relationship needs

The experiences provide a safe environment to connect more deeply with your Higher Power, Self, Partner and Community. Join us to regain hope, get motivated and be inspired.

Let yourself be transformed by one of our dynamic and transformational experiences, and get moving on creating the life and relationship you desire!

Be a part of our MetroRelationship Family!

Events & Programs

Relational, Personal & Professional Programming

1-Day Relationship Enrichment Retreat™

You CAN create the relationship you desire!

You no longer have to settle. Shift your relationship mindset, expand your communication and repair skills, change your dissatisfying recurring patterns, and increase your connection, intimacy, and fun.

Learn how to become a strong and inspiring partnership. Enjoy more peace, joy and love in your home. Transform with ease!

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1-Day Relationship Wellness Retreat™
Upgrade your relationship and life!

 Ready for more? Create a Relationship & Life Vision, identify your driving values, establish targeted goals, and design a Successful Implementation Plan™.

Learn better wellness and connection routines for more abundance, health and happiness in your life. Take collaboration to the next level. Feel the synergy, co-create from your synergy!


1-Day Personal Development Retreat™
Stop the self-sabotage, hurtful recurring patterns, and drama.

Resolve Family Of Origin (FOO) unfinished business by identifying and healing wounds, reprogramming limiting beliefs, disempowering driving fears, implementing effective boundaries and advanced self-care practices.

Reclaim your lost childhood, your worthiness, and your life. You ARE worthy!


1-Day Personal Wellness Retreat™
Upgrade yourself! Connect to your Higher Self, own your Purpose, create a Mission Vision™, disempower your demons, reset your abundance thermostat, establish targeted goals, and design a Successful Implementation Plan™.

Enhance your wellness, expand your wingspan, and embrace the power of leverage. Own your Greatness!


3-Day-Themed Relationship Enrichment Retreat™
A deeper and transformative dive into the Successful Couple Strategy™.

Upgrade your approach to your relationship, repair hurts and address unresolved issues, establish a more nurturing relationship dynamic, deepen your intimacy, expand your Relationship Fun Quotient™, and design a Successful Collaboration Plan™.

Better your life, better the world!


Half-Day Connection Workshop™ Series

The Workshop Experience™:

Featuring Personal Growth and Relationship Nurturing Topics. Intimate partners learn how to create a successful relationship and meaningful life.

Connect with your Authentic Self, your Partner and Other Loved Ones, a new Family and Community, and create a New World. Treat your Self!


Stop Being Taken for Granted!™
How to Set Effective Boundaries and Take Better Care of Yourself

You might find yourself exhausted, burdened and overwhelmed, and pulled in a million directions… Learn how to not get pulled into situations and commitments that you’d rather not, and don’t serve you. Learn how to safely and effectively address concerns, and set yourself up to get respect and support.

Design a self-care plan. Have your days flow with ease. Take care!


Stop the Fighting, Stop the Drama™
How to Improve Your Communication & Easily Get On the Same Page

You might find that you have frequent bickering, arguing and possibly full-blown out fights. Learn what is driving and fueling the repeating conflicts, how to manage disagreements, communicate better, apologize and make-up well, set each other up for cooperation, and prevent issues.

No more walking on eggshells. Get along better and easier. Have peace!


Half-Day Successful Couple Strategy™
Learn about the 5 Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™, and understand why your relationship is stuck and how to get it on the right track. Get powerful communicating, connecting and collaborating techniques and tools.

Experience relief, healing and empowerment. Create your relationship by design, with intention and heart. Feel the Love!


Half-Day Successful Parenting™
Parenting is the most important responsibility you will ever have! Controlling your children is not the answer…

Gain an empowering new parenting perspective, and expand your parenting philosophy. Set them up for cooperation and responsible decision-making. Help your children be resilient, have high self-esteem and embrace a habit of wellness. Give them a strong start!


Virtual Curriculum Programs
Successful Couples Strategy™ Boot Camp Program

How You CAN Create the Relationship You Desire Create the relationship you desire by implementing the 5 Elements of the Successful Couple Strategy™.

Understand why your relationship is stuck and get it on the right track. Work through processes and gain new insights, techniques, skills and hacks on mindset, communication, dynamics, intimacy and partnership.

Get on the same page, connect and enjoy. Yes, you CAN!



Get Married, Stay Married™

How to Set-up Your Marriage to Succeed A program for the conscientious couple.

Whether you are getting married or are newly wed, these Marital Topics help you start your marriage right: In-laws/others, collaboration, finances, intimacy, children, leisure, work-life-balance, spirituality, and bonus topic of affair prevention.

Commit to making it work, set it up right. Your marriage is what you make of it. Make it good!


Resolve Your Anger™

How to Address What is Driving Your Anger for a Happier Life

Not all anger is an “anger management problem”… Finally resolve your anger and enjoy more ease in your life. Understand what is driving your anger and where it comes from. Learn to manage yourself and address your anger appropriately.

Empower yourself, be heard, get your needs met and enjoy more success in your life. You are Ok, let others love you. Free yourself!

Virtual Support Groups
Transforming Codependency™

If you are experiencing drama, dissatisfaction and stuckness in your life you might be afflicted by codependency patterns.

Learn what is driving the pattern, how it manifests and how to change it. Learn how to self-soothe and –regulate, set effective boundaries, own yourself and your power, and establish sustainable advance self-care practices.

Take charge, live large!


I’m a Mommy, Now What?™

Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

You’ve been waiting for this moment, and now that it’s here you are freaked out more than not. Get plugged in on caring for your baby, taking care of yourself, not forgetting your partner, setting your partner up for cooperation and to support you.

You no longer have to wonder how you’ll survive. Now you and yours can thrive. Share love!


My Baby Girl is a Teen, Now What?™

Where did the time go?

My bundle of joy is now taller than me, and we compare make-up and hair tips. Get plugged in on how to be an empowered parent, expand your parenting repertoire, and how to set-up your teen for responsible decision-making.

Inspire your teen into a wellness and success lifestyle. Relate, connect, influence, empower, and support. Hook them up!

Pro Presentation Series (for Psychotherapists)
Helping Couples Change™

Couples CAN create the relationship they desire.

They can by learning how they create recurring patterns, how to change their dissatisfying dynamics, how to get their needs met appropriately, and work well together.

Learn about our integrative clinical approach and corresponding Successful Couple Strategy™. Help partners synergize. Expand your repertoire!


Treating the Reactive Couple™

You are familiar with couple that explodes in session… This is the couple that reports having a lot of Drama in their relationship.

This is the Codependent Couple™… Gain an innovative framework for conceptualizing the work with these couples, and a powerful approach for taming the reactivity. Help partners connect.


Treating Infidelity in Couples™

Infidelity in couples is a common phenomenon.

The pain and suffering overwhelms the partners putting the relationship in serious jeopardy. Learn how to structure the rebuilding work and a unique approach to addressing the betrayal and rebuilding trust. Help couples create an even better relationship post affair.

Stay tuned for our upcoming offerings!

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Let’s Connect!

Contact us with any questions about registration or to bring our programs to your audience



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