Friday, 25 July 2014

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We are delighted you found your way to us! Here you will find everything you need to create the successful life and relationship you desire... 



Would you like to have an awesome relationship with your partner? Would you like to:

o    Stop the bickering and fighting, communicate well, resolve conflict, see eye-to-eye, get on the same page, and get along effortlessly?

o    Have trust, closeness, connection, and intimacy in your relationship?

o    Feel understood, supported, respected, valued, appreciated, and loved?  

o    Experience peace, joy, and abundance everyday?

o    Tap into your inherent synergy, become an unstoppable team, create a beautiful life together, be a role model and an inspiration to your children and others?



We are here to help you have this and more. It’s up to you. If you desire it, you can have it!


We are experts at assisting couples create an awesome relationship, a:


Feel Better, Love Better, Live Better


We specialize in serving professional and entrepreneurial couples in a committed relationship with the Successful Couples Process (sm) I created, who are facing challenges in the following areas:

Pre-marriage, pre-parenting and infertility, young family, sexuality and intimacy, fighting and not getting along, feeling disconnected, infidelity and emotional affairs, and mid-life crisis.


You might have already spent time, effort and energy, and possibly even financial resources, at trying to have the relationship you want with little or no results. You are tired and frustrated with your status quo. You feel stuck, are at your wits end, and can’t wait for a change, but feel at a loss for how to go about making this happen. You believe both of you need skills, know-how, and guidance on how to become a better partner and make the relationship work. You both tend to blame the other for the state of your relationship and are waiting for the other to make changes and step up. There is a lack of proper boundaries and ownership in your relationship and a sense of codependence. Your relationship struggle is affecting your health, your children and family life, your social life, your career or business, and your overall success and abundance. Life feels like a challenge everyday… I know how hopeless and devastating this can feel…


But, don’t worry. You no longer have to struggle everyday, settle for a mediocre relationship, or fear losing your partner or having your relationship end. You’ve come to the right place!


We can help you create the relationship you desire with your partner, so your norm will no longer include:

Feeling stuck, alone, unsupported, sad, abandoned, angry, overwhelmed, resentful, betrayed, unimportant, suffocated and other not so pretty feelings


Nagging, controlling, yelling, demanding, manipulating, belittling, criticizing, dismissing, undermining, sabotaging, withdrawing, shutting down


Lacking intimacy and connection, receiving or giving the extreme cold shoulder where you don’t talk or acknowledge each other for an extended period of time, having fights late into the night or that ruin weekends and social plans, rollercoaster of breaking-up and making-up or threatning to end the relationship, being embarrassed to talk about your relationship or bringing your partner to events, struggling with your daily routine and sharing responsibilities, evading talking about money and making decisions, undermining each other’s parenting, negatively impacting how your children experience family life and giving them a negative message about relationships, letting others get in between you, and lacking in support for each other’s well being and success.


It is time for a new norm. It is time for you and your partner to have the relationship and life you are meant to have. Imagine the most awesome relationship you can and know that you can create it, if you so desire it! We are here to help you make it happen!


You can experience your MetroRelationship™ immediately and effortlessly with our  Successful Couples Process (sm)  that guides you in making targeted, strategic and systematic investments in your relating for getting better, faster and more lasting results than if you were going it alone or in an unstructured format. To create your MetroRelationship™, you need this expert guidance to help you break the impasse and stuckness, build resilience and trust, learn basic and enriching relationship skills, stock your tool kit with proven techniques that create immediate change, and implement systems and structures that support your relationship and your life.


The 10 Powerful Strategies Fundamental to Creating Your MetroRelationship™

are Provided in the Successful Couples Process (sm)



If you are serious about making your relationship work and are ready to create the relationship you desire, this Process is for you. We help you Be your best Self and create your MetroRelationship™! It goes without saying that what we put in, we get out in all aspects of our life including our relationship... Therefore, YOU are responsible for your results and ultimately the relationship you create. We are here to assist, guide, and facilitate knowing that if you seriously invest in this Process you create and enjoy your MetroRelationship™.  We’ve seen miracles happen, they can also happen for you!


All your needs are important to us therefore to best serve you I created, and am always perfecting, different offerings for your choosing. This includes providing different Service Packages and Investment Options. Also, please know I carefully select, train and oversee our Team of like-minded therapists to work alongside me in this endeavor. We are dedicated to assisting you succeed at your life and relationship. Contact us today to embark in your life changing experience.


Start Living & Enjoying Your MetroRelationship™ Today!!

Feel Better, Love Better, Live Better


We are here to serve you! Call us immediately (212-537-9055) or email us with any questions. Take action today!


Most Warmly and With Lots of Love,





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When feeling stuck in an interaction with your partner, try viewing the situation through their eyes.